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Coaching will train you in the chapter outlining process, so you'll know where each chapter is headed before you begin writing. You'll learn to develop your central idea into a set of chapters with a narrative arc, and then break each chapter's ideas into separate segments though the Hook, Line and Sinker method.


Lots of people begin writing their books with great enthusiasm, only to end up quitting in the middle of the second chapter. Without a detailed outline, Chapter Two is where you might begin feeling lost. Plunging ahead without a detailed outline is like driving across an unfamiliar country without a GPS.

It can be done. It's just a terrible idea.


What good are books, when so much information is free today? The difference is in the editing. To make your prose stand out amid all the bland "content" on the web, it takes an experienced eye to help turn three paragraphs into one, and one paragraph into one sentence.  Every paragraph in your book should offer your readers a new insight that arouses curiosity about the next paragraph, as you lead them through your pages. 


Storytelling guru Robert McKee says that readers will always value quality. What they lack today is patience. If the hook to your opening segment is buried in the middle of the first paragraph, impatient readers may never get beyond your first sentence! 

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