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Transfix. Transport. Transform.

Noel Weyrich is a professional ghostwriter, editor and writing coach for accomplished businesspeople who have valuable lessons to share, compelling stories to tell and too little time to write it all down. His specialty is working with big ideas that require skillful storytelling and hours of research to bring those ideas to life.


In a world where readers can obtain quick fixes, instant reportage and abundant information easily and for free, books have the opportunity to stand out as never before. However, each book must transfix the reader with excellent prose, transport the reader with memorable stories and transform that reader's experience of the world through a well-designed conceptual narrative.


Prior to his work in book publishing, Weyrich earned numerous awards during 20 years in Philadelphia journalism as a columnist, investigative reporter and magazine writer. Today Weyrich relies on this extensive reporting experience to draw out his clients’ ideas, to research whatever supporting material the work requires, and to ensure that the finished product is absolutely accurate and compelling to read.


Weyrich grew up in Jersey City, N.J., attended the University of Pennsylvania and lives in Philadelphia with his wife and their teenage daughter.

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