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Working with a ghostwriter is the best way to get your ideas into print without having the writing process intrude on your busy life.


Ghostwriting puts client convenience first, with minimal time demands on you, the author. I begin with a deep dive into all the available written and recorded materials regarding you and your subject matter, followed by a set of recorded interviews to help me understand your perspectives more fully. Then there’s another deep dive into primary and secondary research sources. That leads to the writing of draft chapters that are submitted for your review. 


Some authors I’ve worked with prefer to make specific changes to these draft chapters, either via email or in handwriting on paper printouts. Others simply flag certain paragraphs or make general comments about what they like and don't like in the text. Then it's up to me to take another crack at the problem areas in the second and third drafts until you, the author, are fully satisfied.


It's never your job to fix the text in the ghostwriting process. You may consider me the prose doctor. Just tell me where it hurts.


Authorship lies with you, the authority on the subject matter at hand. The author of a book is whomever authorizes the text and puts his or her name on it. The ghostwriter is just a guide in a maze that leads to publication.

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